Eggwork Radio – Episode 29 – Amtrak from ROC to NYC (8/25/2016)

Experience the drama, the noise, the smells of taking the Amtrak train from Rochester to New York City. Wash up with some Amtrak liquid bathroom soap and enjoy!

Eggwork Radio - Episode 28 - Voice Overs (8/18/2016)

This week I needed to record some last-minute voice overs for the documentary, Bowie Goes To Jail, using WAYO FM’s amazing studio microphone. For this Mixcloud upload I swapped out the voice overs with comedy clips from Family Guy and impersonations by Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon from The Trip and The Trip To Italy. Also, TUNES!

Third Wheel Cookie Monster

Eggwork Radio – Episode 27 (8/11/2016)

Another show full of time-sensitive documentary screening and Bowieoke information. While you listen to some chill tunes, go ahead and visit for details of all the screening schenanigans.

Tuesday Tumble Weave: Duck Poops A Wig


This week’s Tuesday Tumble Weave was submitted by Lori Hobbs. It was christened “Duck poop a wig” by Pustulia Putrescence. Thanks! Keep those tumble weaves coming!