Presidential Debate 2016 Summary

Eggwork Radio - Episode 33 (9/22/2016)

This week we feature a trailer for the movie Danny Saysa documentary about legendary music manager Danny Fields. The genius who brought Iggy Pop & The Stooges, The Doors and The Ramones to world. We also feature the wonderful insanity of Las Bistecs. Enjoy!

Eggwork Radio - Episode 32 (9/14/2016) with Chris Hogan Roy & Eric Maira

Join Eggwork Radio as we chat with filmmakers Chris Hogan Roy & Eric Maira as they talk about their latest project, Pet Monkey, and their recent trip to London for the premiere of their short film, Adam Imitating Art. Also, we chat about the upcoming screening at The Little of The Warriors, with special host Drive-In Movie Critic, Joe Bob Briggs. As well as some sweet tunes for your listening pleasure.

Tuesday Tumble Weave – THE MOVIE

Eggwork Radio – Episode 31 (9/8/2016)

Less talk and more rock this week. That’s all I’ll say about this episode. Oh, that and Bowie Goes To Jail T-shirts are now available at