Eggwork Radio – Episode 15

This week on Eggwork Radio, Matt rambles on about the inexorable tie between film and music. We also announce the screening of the new documentary, NUTS! Plus music from Rochester band’s Hinkley & Ozone.

Eggwork Radio - Episode 14 - The Country Show featuring Eilen Jewell

How ya’ll doing? This week it’s nothing but country. We got Patsy, Hank, Eilen Jewell and…what? David Bowie? Yes, listen up kids.

Eggwork Radio - Episode 13

This week we play a rant from Bill Hicks and a poem by Allen Ginsberg. Also, music to get inspired by.

Eggwork Radio – Episode 12 – Iggy Pop Birthday Special

In today’s episode we pay tribute to Iggy Pop on his birthday with interview clips and Iggy tunes. Also a double shot of Hinkley in celebration of their concert at Wicked Squid Studios.

Happy 4/20