Western New York Salute

WNY Salute

For those who live in #ROC. WE SALUTE YOU!

Stay warm, Friends.

Cadillac Hotel – Postcard from Rochester, NY

I see this place every damn day. Tell me why someone hasn’t restored this historic beauty?

Under the mistletoe with Elvis

Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year! Elvis ornament courtesy of Rheytchul and Eric. Thanks to Brad for pointing out how awesomely Elvis sang the word “mistletoe”.

Eggwork Radio - Episode 43 - The Final Show (12/8/2016)

Avoir! It’s been a pleasure putting together interviews, comedy clips, Bowie and other great music for you this year but now it must end due to my imminent employment at the ‘real’ job. The final episode is a highlight reel of my favorite Eggwork Radio moments. Have a great week and a beautiful Bowie life!
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Eggwork Radio – Episode 42 – Special guests Kevin Dedes and Hot Mayonnaise (12/1/2016)

The magical Episode 42 gives The Meaning Of Life provided by Kingfisher Theater’s very own Kevin Dedes and the band Hot Mayonnaise. Join us for in studio banter and live music.