Eggwork Radio - Episode 40 (11/10/2016)

France called. They’d like their statute back. For our 40th show I spin some vinyl and try to put on a brave face all things considered. Avoir, America!

Eggwork Radio – Episode 39 (11/3/2016)

Audio clips of when Ali G (Sacha Baron Cohen) punked Donald Trump and music from Bowie, CSS, Wilco and Eilen Jewell.

Happy Halloween!


R.I.P. Vine – The Betamax of internet video

Eggwork Radio - Episode 38 (10/27/2016) with Mike Boas

Filmmaker Mike Boas of Mad Dog Movies joins Eggwork Radio to talk local filmmaking as well as the premiere of Heroes Of The Underworld, the latest film by John Vincent starring Tom Malloy. Filmed in The ROC! It’s also our Halloween episode. BOO!