Smoking Laws

A comedy about bad habits

Available for streaming here.

There’s a smoky new perimeter in the barfly subculture. Across the globe, smokers are being forced into the cold outside their favorite haunts. Smoking Laws is a voyeuristic look at the curious conversations and confrontations that last the length of a cigarette. Smoldering in the haze of dirty secrets, dirty habits, beginnings, endings, even life-and-death, it’s smoking good fun.

The Story – Smoking Laws is a glimpse into the world of The Bossman, a bar owner stuck among random smokers. Most of his time is spent keeping his staff in line. His employees include total slackers, an overzealous bouncer, and at least one pubic hair bandit. His patrons aren’t much better. The random collection of misfits and barflies who brave the cold for their cigarettes make The Bossman’s life pure misery. Drunk dialers, failed artists, & an assortment of characters with dark secrets surround the bar in a ring of smoke and bizarre conversation. Smoking Laws lets you spend a night in the life of bar culture without smelling like an ashtray.



Vows & Rites

A wedding and a funeral, mixed

Currently in development.