Eggwork Radio – Episode 48 – The Football Show (WAYO Substitute DJ 8/11/2017)

This show is dedicated to The Beautiful Game. It’s got cheesy 90’s era football anthems and comedy bits by The Mitchell & Webb Look & Monty Python. But mostly its my reminiscing about the 1978 Rochester Lancers of the old NASL.

Eggwork Radio- Episode 47 - What I Did On My Summer Holiday (Substitute WAYO DJ 7/23/2017)

I’m back! It’s been awhile but I’m happy to return to WAYO FM 104.3 for a substitute shift. I’m channeling Mark Harmon in Summer School and giving you some fresh tunes and silly talk. Enjoy!

Eggwork Radio - Episode 46 - Easter Tribute to Public Television (4/16/2017)

Find all the Easter Eggs you can in this episode of Eggwork Radio with a healthy ham hock of NYC 70’s Rock and eclectic slop. Plus a tribute to public access TV with the late Glenn O’Brien’s TV Party and Rochester’s own Portable Channel.

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Eggwork Radio - Episode 45 - The Worst Night of David Bowie's Life (3/31/2017)

Once again, Eggwork Radio takes over the WAYO frequency to deliver a mix of cyber-tushy and electro-70’s. We also explain why Rochester, NY was the location of…(DRUMROLL) The Worst Night Of David Bowie’s Life. Enjoy!

Eggwork Radio - Episode 44 - The Return of The Pudgy White Duke (Substitute WAYO DJ 3/3/2017)

Reports of Eggwork Radio’s demise were greatly exaggerated. In this episode, we play 70’s NYC rock, electro-trash, our favorite clip from Bill Hicks and mucho mucho Bowie. Oh happy day.