Tonight at VSW: Here Come The Videofreex (4/22/2017)

This documentary checks a lot of boxes for me. I love 1970’s era media, especially amateur video. Especially relevant for today now that everyone carries a video camera in their pocket.

Saturday April 22, 2017 8PM – Visual Studies Workshop – 31 Prince – Suggested donation $5

From the Visual Studies Workshop FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE

Formed in 1969, Videofreex was a pioneer collective of early video producers that formed shortly after consumer video was introduced to the market. Politically motivated, the Videofreex were part of a thriving alternative video network that covered counter culture and many political and social movements of the era. Over nine years together, they produced several thousand videotapes, installations and multimedia events, and trained hundreds of people to communicate fluently in the “new” medium of video, including several workshops held at Visual Studies Workshop. Using footage from these early videotapes, this documentary creates a fascinating portrait of a unique group of activists engaged in media literacy in an era of intense social and cultural change. Founding member Bart Friedman in attendance!

Toynbee Tile in Rochester on the corner of East & Scio

I was driving along East Avenue near Scio when something caught my eye just as I was rolling over it. Turns out to be a Toynbee Tile right in the middle of downtown Rochester, NY. How could I have not seen this before?
Toynbee Tile Rochester NY
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Eggwork Radio - Episode 32 (9/14/2016) with Chris Hogan Roy & Eric Maira

Join Eggwork Radio as we chat with filmmakers Chris Hogan Roy & Eric Maira as they talk about their latest project, Pet Monkey, and their recent trip to London for the premiere of their short film, Adam Imitating Art. Also, we chat about the upcoming screening at The Little of The Warriors, with special host Drive-In Movie Critic, Joe Bob Briggs. As well as some sweet tunes for your listening pleasure.

Visit to Nicholas Gurewitch's studio / Kickstarter update

Last weekend I had the good fortune to film Nicholas Gurewitch in his work environment as he continues his amazing picture book, Notes on a Case of Melancholia, Or: A Little DeathThe short video below is a window (literally) into Nick’s creative process as he painstakingly etches each illustrated panel by hand. The project is near completion thanks to his hugely successful Kickstarter Campaign featuring a video that I filmed last year. Looking forward to getting my copy of the complete work.



New York City sticker art – 2013