R.I.P. David Bowie

We’re saddened by the death of David Bowie. With the upmost respect we plan to continue production of our documentary, Bowie Goes To Jail, about his arrest in Rochester on March 20, 1976. Please visit our website and subscribe to our email list at BowieGoesToJail.com

Bowie Goes To Jail

Driving Around Rochester With Rick

I’m honored to present the following short film that we edited. – Matt

Driving Around Rochester With Rick was created to support the Rick McKee Hock annual artist residency at Visual Studies Workshop. The 5–minute tour of the city was edited from material produced by Lauren Bon and Metabolic Studio during a trip to Rochester, NY in 2013.

Closed Caption available by clicking the “CC” button. To support the residency visit the Visual Studies Workshop Crowdrise fundraiser page.

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Inventions of Photography - Chapter One - Before Photography

Welcome to the twelve days of photography! I’m thrilled to share a series I co-directed and produced with Jessica Johnston, Inventions of Photography.

Below is a very nice comment made about the series:

A note from the filmmakers:

It’s important to understand that photography was not invented in one moment or by one person. For thousands of years people have been able to create an image, using the pinhole or silhouette, but were not able to ‘fix’ or keep that image. This chapter explores the inventive spirit of the pre-photographic age and the key technologies and experiments that lead to its invention.

The best way to understand something is to actually see it. Our goal throughout the series was to let the viewer witness photographic processes by a series of recreations. Of course, some improvisation was required like repurposing a vintage white lady’s leather glove to recreate Wedgwood’s experiment.

Inventions of Photography - Chapter Two - The Daguerreotype

On the second day of Christmas, photography gave to me – the first photograph.

A note from the filmmakers:

To better understand the complex history of photography this series is divided into chapters. Each chapter focuses on a key photographic process and includes inspiring examples of the process. The first is Niépce’s heliograph: View From A Window at Le Gras, commonly attributed as the “first photograph”, it was made nearly 200 years ago and still exists to this day.

The documentary series also focuses on photography’s fascinating array of inventors. Louise Daguerre, a Parisian showman, created the first commercially successful photographic process, the Daguerreotype. The world hasn’t been the same since.

If you found this video informative and worth sharing, please share it 🙂 – Matt & Jess