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Tuesday Tumble Weave – Possible Merkin


mer·kin – /ˈmərkən/ (noun) – An artificial covering of hair for the pubic area.

Citizen Kaine chosen as Vice Presidential running mate by Hillary Clinton

Citizen Kaine

Tuesday Tumble Weave - Stick & Weave

Stick and Weave

The Harpy Eagle

photo by Jonathan Wilkins


The Harpy Eagle

This is a Harpy Eagle. You might think I photoshopped the Night Walker King and a barn owl, but no. This is a real bird called a Harpy Eagle. It lives in Central and South America. Which is good because I never want to see a Harpy Eagle in person. If I ever looked out a window and saw a real Harpy Eagle, I’d be very upset. I get shivers just thinking about it.

Nature is crazy.

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