Inventions of Photography - Chapter One - Before Photography

Welcome to the twelve days of photography! I’m thrilled to share a series I co-directed and produced with Jessica Johnston, Inventions of Photography.

Below is a very nice comment made about the series:

A note from the filmmakers:

It’s important to understand that photography was not invented in one moment or by one person. For thousands of years people have been able to create an image, using the pinhole or silhouette, but were not able to ‘fix’ or keep that image. This chapter explores the inventive spirit of the pre-photographic age and the key technologies and experiments that lead to its invention.

The best way to understand something is to actually see it. Our goal throughout the series was to let the viewer witness photographic processes by a series of recreations. Of course, some improvisation was required like repurposing a vintage white lady’s leather glove to recreate Wedgwood’s experiment.