Brooklyn, January 2013: Hello, NYC

Writer, Director Matthew Ehlers is now residing full-time in Gowanas, Brooklyn. To celebrate, please enjoy a production filmed in Matt’s adopted city. It’s called The Mime Flyer.

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If you do, you’ll be sent the password. The Mime Flyer stars Marc Raco of Monkey Radio. Cinematography by Wei Pun. It was edited by Chris Hogan-Roy.. And if you hadn’t notice, the Vimeo link above also feature a ‘tip jar’. Just saying.



The Mime Flyer (2013) – Director Matthew Ehlers discusses a shot with actor Marc Raco and Cinematographer Wei Pun.
The latest comedy short film by Eggwork Productions.

The Mime Flyer was created for Project 5 – A new series of underground film at The Little Theatre – Rochester, New York’s premiere independent and foreign theater.