Missmatch (“I Dreamed A Dream” Parody) with Amanda Conlon

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Amanda Conlon – singer / actor / comedienne triple threat. We turned her parody song of “Dreamed A Dream” from Les Miserables into a short film. It’s based on actual personal ads & was filmed in Central Park, NYC. Much thanks to cinematographer Eric Chavez Robinson for making this project possible.
Marc Raco & Matthew Ehlers
For the roles of grammar-challenged suitors we had the good fortune of casting Zach Lombardo, Michael Morch, Marc Raco, Mike Revenaugh, Casey Webb, Jamaal Wilson…

Peter Flanigan
AND “Grammar Cowboy” Peter Flanigan.

Matthew Ehlers
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3/2013 Quick update! The Daily Beast has added Missmatch in their compilation of Dreamed a Dream parodies. Rarefied air, indeed.

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