Hurricane Sandy hits Brooklyn & Storm-Tracker Matt is there

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Gowanus, NYC – 10/29/12 – 10:00 AM
Okay, I have a disdain for those TV weather dorks who stand on the beach as a hurricane rolls in. But this hurricane is right outside my door near Gowanus. My emergency plan consists of the following:
– Blog and maybe do a few Tweets (#sos)
– Eat all the frozen food in my fridge if the power goes out
– Get in my car (parked outside my apartment) and drive a half mile up Smith Street to higher ground

Gowanus, NYC – 10/29/12 – 10:05 AM
Okay, this is a little disturbing. If you look at the map here, you can see where I am by the grey dog. I’m not in Zone A, which the Mayor has ordered to evacuate. While technically I’m in Zone B, you could say I’m “Zone A Curious”. In fact, Zone A starts across the street from me!

Gowanus, NYC – 10/29/12 – 10:15 AM
The hurricane hasn’t even hit yet & 9th Street is flooded. Keep those storm drains clear, people!

Gowanus, NYC – 10/29/12 – 1:20 PM
This doesn’t look good. The break wall for the Gowanus canal looks near breech level. For those who don’t know, the Gowanus canal is one of the dirtiest body’s of water on the planet. No lie – they found gonorrhea in there!

I really don’t want Sandy to give me the clap. So I’m wearing my rubbers.

Here’s a fun recipe unique to Gowanus:
– 1 part hurricane
– Tons of scrap metal (pix = my neighbors)
– Millions of gallons of Gowanus canal water

And stir with 70+ M.P.H. winds! Yipee!

Gowanus, NYC – 10/29/12 – 1:20 PM
Someone with a construction hat came by to fix the chain link fence gate. This was good for public safety, but bad for my UStream broadcast ratings as that swinging fence was about the most exciting thing going on out there right now.

Gowanus, NYC – 10/29/12 – 6:03 PM
Gowanus, NYC – 10/29/12 – 6:03 PM
High-res photos from my walking tour of Gowanus, Brooklyn. As I suspected, the Gowanus canal has flooded. Enjoy the clap, Brooklyn!

Gowanus, NYC – 10/30/12 – 10:34 AM – DAY TWO
Good morning, Brooklyn. Safe & dry in Gowanus. The water near the canal seems to be receding nicely. Not in the picture below is a little sliver of blue sky that I had to toast.

Gowanus, NYC – 10/30/12 – 10:34 AM
Of the trees that were downed around Court Street in Carroll Gardens, none of them seemed to have crashed into houses. Gotta look on the bright side when seeing such devastation.

Gowanus, NYC – 10/30/12 – 10:34 AM
I moved my car away from any trees last night. Two huge trees were down around Carroll Park.

Gowanus, NYC – 10/30/12 – 10:34 AM
Now, I don’t know if the person who designed this make-shift kite was drunk last night or has a Benjamin Franklin fetish, but finding this crazy thing made me smile.

That’s all for now, Folks! Keep refreshing this post for more Hurricane Sandy updates. Pray for me & my blog.

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